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Senior Physiotherapy
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What is Post - Operative Rehabilitation?


The success of your surgery doesn't finish the moment you leave the operating theatre. Your surgeon will have skillfully performed a surgical procedure that is the initial step towards your successful outcome.


Then you'll normally undertake a post-operative rehabilitation program prescribed and supervised by your physiotherapist.


In the hospital, you'll be provided with simple exercises to minimise complications. You may even be prescribed some early strengthening or range of motion exercises. Once you are discharged, you'll commonly require re-assessment and checking of your progress. 

Post-orthopaedic surgery, you'll almost certainly require exercise progression to fully regain your strength, flexibility and function. Consulting a physiotherapist experienced in post-operative rehabilitation is common practice.

At Physio Pattern, we are happy to assist you in your post-operative care. Our physiotherapists are familiar with the treatment protocols prescribed by most Orthopaedic Surgeons in Manchester. We'll happily liaise with your surgeon to determine any specific requirements based on your individual surgery.

For more information on how POST-OPERATIVE REHABILITATION can help treat musculoskeletal injuries, or to book an appointment, please contact us via email at or call us on 07450 797375. Physio Pattern is a Leading Physiotherapy clinic in Manchester city centre.

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