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Hamstring strain

hamstring strain assessment in Manchester City Centre

What is hamstring strain?

Hamstring strain is a tear of one of the muscles which make up the hamstring muscles group at the back of your thigh.

The most common type of hamstring strain is the lateral part of your hamstring muscle (biceps femoris - long head) and you may be more likely to get a hamstring strain if you play football, basketball, tennis or similar sports that involves sudden stops and starts.

What is the hamstring muscle?

Hamstring is one of the three posterior (at the back) muscles in between the hip and your knee (behind your thigh) and they are the opposing muscles to your quadriceps (front thigh muscles).

There are three main muscles that comprise the hamstring muscle group.

The biceps femoris ( long-short head) is a very big and long muscle located at the back of your thigh and more on the outside of it. The semitendinosus is located at the posterior and medial (inside) part of your thigh and the semimebranosus is the most medial of your hamstring muscles.

Those muscles are responsible for walking , jumping , running and they are prone to injuries and strains.