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Shin Splints

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

What is shin splints?

Shin splints describes a pain at the front of your lower leg, at the shin (tibia) bone. Doctors also refer it as medial tibial stress syndrome. Shin splints normally affects runners and people who have strenuous physical activity.

The muscles that are affected can be overstressed and inflamed and that causes a lot of pain. Quite often, the pain is that intense that you need to stop the activity. Shin splints is a cumulative stress disorder and most of the time, it affects both shins at the same time.

What are the symptoms of shin splints?

The symptom is dull pain at the front of your shin bone and more specifically at the distal two third. The pain is getting worse at each moment of contact with the ground. Pain is worse at the beginning of the workout, it gets better during and it might come back after you finish your exercise. Other symptoms could be:

  1. swelling on the shin area

  2. tenderness on the outside or inside of your shin

  3. reduced range of movement in your foot

  4. altered gait due to pain

Physiotherapy Treatment for shin splints in Manchester
Physiotherapy Treatment for Shin Splints

What is the cause of shin splints?

  • Shin splints can be caused when specific muscles are working too hard around your shin bone when other muscles are under-working. If you have muscle imbalances for long period of time this can lead eventually to pain.

  • Shin splints can also be caused from poor feet mechanics and it could be either over-pronation (flat feet) or over-supination (high feet arches) of your feet.

  • Shoes that don't fit well or shoes that do not provide good support could be the reason of developing shin splints especially if you are a regular runner.

  • Other factors might be involved and they can be determined after thorough examination from our specialised team.

Did you know?

  • Shin splints is a common sports injury with incidence rates 8-18% in athletic populations.

  • In runners its probably the most common injury with rates from 13,6% to 20%.

  • 60% from all leg pain and injuries in athletes have been contributed to shin splints.

  • Women have an increased risk to develop stress fractures, with this syndrome due to nutritional, hormonal and biomechanical abnormalities.

What treatment does Physio Pattern Manchester offer for shin splints?

Our team is highly specialised in sports and runner’s injuries and we can reassure you that we can find and treat the real cause of your shin’s pain and not just the symptoms.

After doing a thorough assessment including gait analysis, we will provide high quality treatment. The recommended services are:

A combination of all these services might be applied.

If you would like more information of how Physio Pattern Manchester can help with this condition, or to book an assessment please call


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