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Calf strain

What is calf strain?

Calf strain is a tear of one of the muscles which make up the calf muscles group at the back of your lower leg.

The most common type of calf strain is the medial part of gastrocnemius muscle, also referred as "Tennis leg" because is very common among tennis players.

A very common point that it gets injured is where the muscle joins the achilles tendon and this is in the last third of your calf muscle.

What is the calf muscle?

The calf muscles group consists of gastrocnemius and soleus muscle and it's in the back of your lower leg behind your shin bone.

Those muscles help you to move your foot down (flexion of the talocrural joint and plantar flexion of the foot) and also help you to bend your knee (flexion of the knee joint).

The calf muscle supports you when you stand and enables you to move your foot and your lower leg. It propels you forward when you walk or run and and it also allows you to jump.