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Coccydynia - Tailbone pain

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

What is Coccydynia?

Coccydynia refers to any type of persistent tailbone pain. The coccyx is a small triangular bone at the bottom of the spinal column below the sacrum.

Coccyx can get bruised and sometimes fractured causing a lot of pain. The coccyx connects with the sacrum through the sacro-coccygeal joint, and there is normally very limited movement between the coccyx and sacrum.

What is the function of coccyx?

Coccyx or tailbone it does have some function in the pelvis. When a person is seated the weight is distributed between the hip bones and coccyx providing balance and stability.

The tailbone is also the connecting point of many pelvic floor muscles. These muscles absorb outside pressure in a way that protects your organs and your spine, at the same time these muscles help you control your bowel and bladder function.

Causes of coccydynia

Common causes of tailbone pain include:

  • Childbirth and pregnancy